The snow is finally melting and the birds are chirping all day long, singing to the beat of horse shoes! Eagles can be spotted readying their nest and deer grazing across the fields full of blooming flowers. Reserve a ride for the whole family and enjoy the magic of Spring with nature and horses.



The sun is up and ready early, so are the Happy Trails' Horses! Grab your sun screen and shades and go for a trail ride. You will be able to enjoy the sun in our large open fields then cool off in the shade of the thick, green forest canopy in our woods trail. Bring the family or meet up with friends, even if you have never ridden a horse before, we have a horse for you.


There is nothing like the sound of crunching leaves under horse hooves! Long walks around fields with spectacular mountainous autumn views and adventures through red, yellow and orange forest trails all on horseback. Do not miss out on one of the best times of the year to enjoy a ride!


Get your boots, gloves and jackets! It is never too cold to go riding! Plow through snow drifts and enjoy the crisp, clean open air or stay inside with a private lesson in our indoor arena. (Waymart location only) Beginner to expert, winter time is still riding time at Happy Trails Stables.

All Seasons Riding